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We value your feedback. Please follow the steps below to contact us to make a complaint.

Procedures in the case of an alleged breach of the Code and Formal Complaint.

A complaint concerning a coach , members , club official , team manager , committee members must be directed in writing to the Pascoe Vale Football Club and to the attention of The Compliance Officer who will deal with the complaint. It is a breach of PVFC Members Protection Policy should a coach , team manager , committee , club official or member be harassed with a complaint.

Avoid discussing your issue with others on the sideline or in the car park as this can lead to unpleasant gossip and risk of incorrect information being passed around.

A complaint concerning a breach of the code by a member of PVFC shall:
a) be in writing;
b) identify the member against whom the complaint is made;
c) set out the details of the complaint;
d) identify the name and address of the complainant;
e) be signed by the complainant.

The Compliance Officer will determine whether the complaint is made in the proper form as set out above and comes within the scope of the Code of Conduct policy.

If, at the discretion of the Compliance Officer, the complaint does not comply with the above, the complainant will be informed in writing and may submit a corrected complaint.

Within seven days of the complaint being received, the Compliance Officer will provide written details of the complaint to the member against whom the complaint is made and allow the member to respond. The member shall have 14 days to respond to the complaint in writing or in person to the Compliance Officer.

Taking into account the complaint and the reply, the Compliance Officer shall determine whether:
• the complaint is to be dismissed or upheld;
• disciplinary action is necessary, in which case sanctions may be applied;
• further investigation is required; or
• a formal hearing is required.

Address in writing : To The Compliance Officer ,Pascoe Vale FC , PO Box 20 , Pascoe Vale South 3044
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